Terraware Part 2

Arif Yusop
4 min readFeb 18


My cranial nerves pumped up pulses to my brain in an intense intermittent stabbing pain. My grip released the toothbrush to fell onto the sink, which produces a clanking sound that intensifies as another wave of excruciating sonic that triggers my other hand to clench a fist. The longest two minutes of my entire night have started, and it will become a part of hundreds of series throughout the night. It was almost autonomously my hand clasped the cylindrical pill bottle from the cabinet; a glance at the prescription label brings me a stroll down to memory lane.

A week earlier

I gazes at carbamazepine, the most significant word on the prescription label, as if contemplating something within my blank mind.

“Mr Noach, I hope you will use this as few as possible, and the more you engage with the green prescription programme, the less you will need this.” Dr. Arret’s voice broke the silence of my mind and the room simultaneously. “It’s not going to deal with your condition right away, but I’m sure it will reduce the side effects of the medication.

Luckily for you, we have this newly-developed extra assistance to help you optimise the impact of the green prescription programme, if you’re interested, we can proceed on the next session. Dr. Arret continued while activating the screen in between us. Have a look.

Welcome to TERRAware

… Where you will discover your long-lost connection with your true self, and complementing and augmenting you towards reciprocal healing to your biophysical environment, of course, we will do this together with your full will and consent.

Today, we are constantly suffering from our ever-increasing overuse of earth’s capital, as well as the resulting misery. This is because, like relying on an out-of-date boat departure timetable, the unreliable knowledge on which our modern society relies constantly causes us to skip the moment-by-moment sailing of our lifeboat, earth, the womb of our post-natal life. — spaceship earth

We suffer from a wide variety of unsolvable illnesses. The way we train ourselves to think, experience, and interact rewards us with objectively ignoring the subjectivity of our natural senses and the knowledge they register. They are essential for our inclusion in whole-life relationships, and they are such a critical part of our lives. By ignoring them, we become accustomed to treating the life of earth as though it were material and dead. This shortens the life of our planet and of us as its inhabitants.

Our sensory disconnection from nature’s harmony, beauty, and regenerative forces causes our personal and environmental woes. We suffer because we do not learn to use our nature-connect senses, which enable us to actively reconnect with nature’s self-correcting forces.

We are unbalanced, and we have been so detached from nature that the intelligent, healing forms of our natural senses and psyche have been discarded and stressed out like a fish out of water. Nature’s holistic dance has left us homeless in mind and soul. We have lost touch with its unifying forces, balance, and harmony on a regular basis.

We are intrinsically loving and rational because affection is the underlying force of love and life that establishes balanced interactions in the earth and the universe, from subatomic particles to galaxies. All in the web of life is drawn to how it is related to and reliant on everything else. The attraction to love holds the whole of life in balance. This universal balancing relationship is referred to by scientists as homeostasis. It is a symbiosense core of nature’s presence in and around us that we learn to deny and destroy.


the awareness of the symbiotic affiliation between human and nature through basic senses.

Sensors (senses and their sensations) on cellular and molecular levels are receptors that are drawn to perceive stimuli, as shown by the feeling of thirst. When the knowledge they register is out of equilibrium, the senses become the primary homeostatic driving force for change that supports life in balance. Their detection mechanism is a fundamental source that functions in species on massive (planetary-scale) or small (nanoscale) mechanical, thermal, and chemical levels to improve survival. What our senses find enticing in nature is what is doing the searching.

terraware is a green prescription program applied with ecopsychology to enables participants to construct real sensory attraction moments in natural environments and develop symbiosense. Earth comfortably combines the wisdom of its harmony and elegance, both inside and beyond us, with our nature-disconnected narratives in them. This self-correcting emotional fusion transitions our erroneous understanding into today’s reality.

Because in the end, we came from the same source, and so as our intelligence.


And when you reach Terraware, I will be gone without you even noticing.

“I’ll give it a thought”, I replied briefly.