Terraware (Part 3)

Arif Yusop
2 min readMar 4


Walworth have been declared as the UNESCO ‘sumbioregion sites’. Great news indeed. And my Carbamazepam prescription have been reduced to 100g.

It’s a beautiful morning. As always.

“Look at the grass” — NarraTERRA chirps in the voice of my dad echoed through my Noveto sound beamer virtual headphone. The biodiverse grass covered in morning dew resemble diamonds strewn across a fluffy green carpet. I focused my gaze on the swarming grass as if they were staring right at me. It was a conscious but almost illusory moment. “On the field of mind and intuition, we are inter-related within energy waves that are full of possibilities,” my serotonin surges as NarraTERRA continues to chirps. A bird was singing gracefully nearby; I’ve been told by NarraTERRA it’s a Robin.

“Amplify the bird song”

“Do you want to save this to your symbio-moment?” NarraTERRA asked.

“Yes”, I responded abruptly.

“We must be wholly conscious and respectful of what we want to think and experience, for whatever we desire would have a significant effect on the collective energy field. If more people rely on negative energies and vibes, the whole reality will celebrate such vibes.” — NarraTERRA continued.

“I am a walking ecosystem. A holobiont for the trillions microbiomes” — I changed NarraTERRA voice to my own voice.

“The environment is not a scene through which I move but the medium within which I am embedded. I am an integral part of the place I’m in, shaping, connecting, guiding and constraining. As embodied beings, I can only understand who I am by being aware of my physical nature; as ‘embedded’ beings, selfunderstanding can only come if I am equally aware of our physical environment.”

I lay on the grass, pretending I am weightless.

I’m present.

Right now, I am conscious of how my body feels.

I can sense the grass bristles brush my skin.

And my eyes are drawn to the wonder of nature all around me, the sky the surrounded flora.

Hello, Nature

There, tranquilly.

There, serenity.

I’ve been revitalised.

I feel revitalised.

And I’ll keep in touch with you now…

This is my last session of terraware. It’s neither a happy ending, nor a sad one. It’s an affirmative state, that we need each other.

I no longer need terraware. Instead I need the natural environment. I need the plants, the trees, the birds, the seas. And they need me. They need me to protect them, and take care of them. We need each other. And terraware need me.

Your data is valuable in our extended research in improvising the future experience of Terraware sessions and change people lives. Proceed with sharing experience?